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Short on Time & Money as a Subcontractor?

  • Does it feel like the checks go out as fast as they come in?

  • Do your eyes glaze over when you talk to your accountant?

  • Are you confused about what projects you actually make money on?

  • Do your employees struggle with turning in accurate time cards on time?

  • Are you constantly juggling a hectic job schedule?

Deliberately Simple Apps for Managing Your Subcontracting 


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Solutions by        BLACKLABS 

Software solutions for construction contractors from framers & roofers to concrete pumping companies.

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Console for Contractors

Simply track your numbers, employee time and job schedules. It's a real-time console for your business.

Dispatch trucks, track jobs, and make more money in your concrete pumping company.

We're Construction Guys Too

Many of the construction software programs out there today were dreamed up by techie people in Silicon Valley who are genius with computers but have never

actually set foot on a jobsite.

The Black Labs team is made up of construction guys who have managed crews doing everything from hanging closet shelving & installing irrigation systems to placing concrete & running excavators for a living.

Here's what we've learned through experience:

Time is the one thing you can't get more of, and you shouldn't be spending it on things that don't move the needle.

Long story short? We might be a software company, but We Get It.

Simple | Instant | Powerful


What Other Contractors are Saying

"I'm loving all the data streaming straight from the jobsite. This is a money maker and makes less work for our owner.. Wanted to let you know that the guys were thrilled it was so simple!"

Sue M, Washington

You are 100% on the right track with Console. The guys are not really having any issues figuring it out. It's fast, simple and intuitive. We are already noticing jobs that we are saying "Ok, in the future we need to bid that differently" based on very simple metrics generated by your app. I'm pretty excited about this!

Byran, South Dakota


Want to Request a Demo or Talk to a Real Person?

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Tel: 800-584-5553

We'll get right back with you!

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