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It's time to Become


"Console is a deliberate "FIELD FIRST" business philosophy wrapped in an app which has the ability to transform your company." 

What's it mean to be "FIELD FIRST"? 

It means it's designed to be of value to your field workers and operations first and THEN your back office. Not the other way so many other construction apps are designed. 


Why should I care? 

It's a major contributor to why construction apps fail miserably.  

They require the full participation of the field workers to make them work.  Meanwhile they are generally hard to use, and of little value to the field and operations.  Then someone from the office has to constantly stay on top of the field workers to help them fix and or fill out this info on a daily basis.  Otherwise the office will never get all the benefits that the app has promised them. 

By using CONSOLE and making yourself "FIELD FIRST" you approach this problem from a totally different perspective.  CONSOLE is designed to bring value to your field first knowing that in the end the back office will greatly benefit and will require far less office support in the long run.  


Simply schedule and send texts to the crews


Turn on time keeping


Set installation goals and know if you're falling behind...the moment time and installation amounts are submitted.


See what it took 

What Other Contractors are Saying

"I'm loving all the data streaming straight from the jobsite. This is a money maker and makes less work for our owner.. Wanted to let you know that the guys were thrilled it was so simple!"

Sue M, Washington

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