Not fancy. 

Not confusing.

Not ridiculous.

Just Really Effective.

If you're like many of the contractors we've talked to, maybe it feels like you're always just one big project away from finally being able to take time off, enjoy the rewards you deserve, and grow your construction company.

But it's never today's project. It's always the next one.

We know what it feels like to work your head off all year, only to be surprised by your accountant telling you how much money you didn't make. 

So you ask your CPA for advice on being more profitable. He starts talking accounting lingo about amortization and COGS and you can actually feel your eyes glaze over.

At Black Labs, we believe contractors should be able to understand and operate their business without an accounting degree or having to spend months poring over complex computer programs.

We believe you should be able to easily run your schedule from your phone, even if you call yourself old fashioned and not very techie.

We believe simpler = better.

We built Console for small construction subcontractors who are sick of dealing with paperwork and complicated, hard-to-use software. 

Console is a dead-simple program to operate your business from anywhere, any time.

The best part is, it doesn't require you or your guys to spend hours a week triple-entering numbers into some fancy spreadsheet or writing on paper job cards.

We know you have a lot of options for construction software that can do everything from GPS tracking to facial recognition to geofencing.

We're not into that. Everyone on our team is a construction guy who has spent years on real jobsites doing everything from placing concrete to installing fences and window blinds.


When we tried to find a system that was easy to learn and use in the field and the office, we couldn't.

That's why we built Console.

Simple. Instant. Powerful.

Hit the button below to book a zero-pressure demo to see if Console could help you.

What Other Contractors are Saying

"I'm loving all the data streaming straight from the jobsite. This is a money maker and makes less work for our owner.. Wanted to let you know that the guys were thrilled it was so simple!"

Sue M, Washington


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